Medicare 101

Getting Started with Medicare

For someone new to Medicare, navigating through the system can be daunting. At Help Seniors Save, we break down the complex Medicare system and present it in an easy-to-understand format so you know how various plans fit your needs. Learn about Medicare eligibility and other coverage assistance.

We’re here to help. And that often means you will be walking away enrolled in the best-priced Medicare Supplement Insurance plan you can possibly get after using our FREE service.

What Medicare Covers

Finding out what Medicare covers can be frustrating and confusing. We’re here to simplify the process. Learn More >>

What is Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance)?

Medigap policies supplement your Original Medicare benefits, which is why these policies are also called Medicare Supplement plans. Learn More >>

Medigap Plan Differences

Different Medigap policies have different benefits. Find out what you are responsible for. Learn More >>

Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

There are very big differences between these two types of insurance, although both are options for people with Medicare. Learn More >>

Official Medicare Materials

These booklets have the most important information about Medicare including how to choose the right Medicare Supplement plan. Learn More >>

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