Medicare Supplement vs.
Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are a separate form of Medicare coverage run by private insurance companies. You essentially give up your original Medicare coverage when you sign up for the plan.

Medicare Advantage plans are good choices for people who are content to let a private insurance company organize their medical care. If it really doesn’t matter who chooses your primary care physician, or how your plan of care is developed when you have a serious health condition, then Medicare Advantage plans are a good choice.

However, during your life you may have a serious disease and want to explore additional options outside of what the Medicare Advantage plan allows (e.g. the Mayo Clinic or MD Anderson Clinic). Unfortunately under Medicare Advantage, you will not have those options available to you.

During the year, you will ordinarily pay many deductibles and copays for your Medicare Advantage coverage instead of one monthly premium.

Medicare Supplement limits your out of pocket expenses unlike Medicare Advantage

The Difference Between Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans

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